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User Experience & Customer Discovery

Learn to establish discovery processes, the basics of customer research, sense-making, and ideation to create digital experiences that fuel business value.

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Meet course instructors

Raitis Linde

Course Instructor

UX Lead at If Insurance. Raitis is a digital service designer and facilitator who is on a mission to reduce friction in people's lives through technology. With more than a decade long industry experience, he has helped the teams in the insurance, banking, telecommunications, and energy sectors to explore innovative approaches to better serve their customers and streamline internal workflows. His background is in participatory innovation, human-centered design, and systems analysis.

Krists Avots

Course Facilitator

Director of Digital Transformation at Tet. Krists facilitates around 200 people-strong digital teams. Passionate about maximizing the learning curve to turn technology solutions into viable business models as well as driving in-depth change & transformation processes. Krists also serves on the board of Overkill Ventures VC fund, lectures at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and holds an MA in Digital management from Hyper Island.

What will you learn?


Understand why should you invest in deliberately designing for a good user experience

Learn value of systematic experimentation culture, learn what research methods are applicable to you

Learn systematic approaches to building and maintaining a pool of insights for challenges 

Master characteristics of valuable insights & how to avoid biases, base insights on strong foundations


Understand exploratory, strategic, tactical, and operational research

Manage research repositories to gather insights from everywhere in the company

Establish processes to explore new opportunities to serve and delight users

Apply creative processes to act on user insights, decrease the delta between an idea and execution

Course curriculum

Stories from the trenches

The impact of user experience on business
User-centered design maturity levels

Discovery planning

Problem statement
Discovery goal
Discovery objectives
Change statements
How Might We

User research

Sample size
Quantitative and Qualitative research
Methods (Interviews, Field studies, Provotyping)
Atomic research
Research repositories


Methods (Affinity mapping, Empathy mapping, Journey mapping,Jobs to be Done, User personas, 1-2-4-all, Assumption smash, 20/20 vision, Dot-voting)


Diversity and variety
Methods (Role-playing, Wizard of Oz, Brainwriting, €100 test, 3-12-3 brainstorm, Reverse it, Rapid 5)
Rapid prototyping (fidelity levels, iterative approach, digital tools)
Feedback methods


Human-Computer Interaction:
Understand the principles of interactive design
Perceptual-motor interaction (Fitts’s law, Hick-Hyman law, Visual / Audial perception, Spatial / Haptic perception, Mental models)
Embodied interaction (Interaction in Play, Gesture-based interaction, Tangible interaction)
Distributed cognition (Functional Systems, Cognitive Artifacts, Culture and Cognition)

User Interface Patterns
Design systems

Who is this
course for?

User Experience & Customer Discovery course is designed for medium to large-sized companies with over 100 employees where digital services play a crucial role. Various roles would benefit from the course immensely.

Executive managers

Decision-makers to establish such innovation initiatives in their companies like build a team, create a new digital service, redesign existing digital service

Development team members

Hands-on experts to solidify their research and design processes for an initiative they are or will be responsible for

Design stakeholders

Creative and analytical minds to champion and evangelize the design and research culture in their organizations

Agency stakeholders

Founders or owners to incorporate user experience services in their portfolio as well as client-facing employees to obtain in-house perspective

What to expect
from this course?

User Experience & Customer Discovery course goal is to enable participants to each run at least one change initiative at their companies. We will provide you with the necessary tools and support you along the way with various learning practices.

Learning sessions

Intensive days of learning with course instructor Raitis Linde from If Insurance


Slack community onboarding for engaging and continuous learning and community support

1on1 mentoring

Individual session with course instructor Raitis to work on the chosen change initiative for company

Facilitated group calls

Break-out sessions for peer groups lead by course facilitators to discuss takeaways and progress

Check-in 2 weeks after the course

Follow-up session to exchange experiences on your change initiative implementation

Access to custom made resource kit

Frameworks and theory, library of articles, books and videos, online session recordings

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